Hello dear visitors and welcome to our precious website!!! We sincerely hope you will enjoy your stay here!

winery 1Mystic Mountain Vineyard is a brand new winery that has just been opened. Unfortunately, our startup did not gather all the necessary information so we ended up bearing the same name as an old (and extremely successful) winery (you can find more info on this on our About Us page). This led to all sorts of legal issues we are facing even to this date. That is why we are unable to sell our wines digitally via this website. I’m sure you realize that is extremely unfortunate since the sole purpose of this website was to advertise and sell our products. Long story short, our employee that was supposed to find a good and ORIGINAL name, seems to love driving his electric skateboard more than he likes keeping his job that brings food to his family’s table… I’m looking at you Francis! You’ll hear from Mrs. Bell in a couple of days, I guarantee it! My colleagues went crazy after we got our first batch of electric skateboard, I didn’t expect adults will keep riding their skateboards around the house. After reading review on ELskateboards.com, it seems electric skateboards are very popular among adults ? :/

So, now that you understand why we can’t sell you our wines, it is time to switch the subject to something more appropriate; perhaps a lighter, happier topic…

What is this website going to be about until we get the selling clearance?

legal issuesUntil we get all the necessary clearances, our website is going to be more of an informative fashion. If you navigate to the News section (via the main menu located above this post), you will have the chance to see a few posts. Don’t hesitate, just click on the News button and you’ll be redirected to our “Blog”. There, you will be able to find lots of useful information about, pretty much, everything and anything.

So far, Stefan, the man in charge for content on our website, has done a relatively good job. Unfortunately, it seems as though Stefan has a sore spot for politics. It’s something that the Top Management did not know before placing him in charge of the content. So, as you can see, all 3 of our currently published posts are of political character. While that might seem interesting to those of you who enjoy both wines and politics, I still believe the majority of our visitors aren’t really interested in Trump’s policies, North Korean threats, and all that WWIII fueling stuff…

To summarize – Until we get the selling clearance for our website (and hopefully¬†we will get it by the end of next month), www.mysticmountainvineyard.com¬†will only feature articles on various subjects. We’ll make sure not all of them are political (Stefan, if you’re reading this, please report to Mrs. Bells for further instructions, and for the love of God, NO MORE POLITICAL POSTS) and that all of you have something interesting to read about until our legal mess gets taken care of.

What can you expect once our website is up and running in its full form?

winery 2Now, this is a million dollar question! Nah, I am just messing with you. We already have most of it up and running on a private server and will simply import it to this domain when we get the green light from our legal partners.

So far, our IT team has successfully completed the entire website structure alongside the transaction system. With that being said, you can expect 24-hour delivery in Maryland and a 48-hour delivery in the surrounding states. Furthermore, if you are living far away from Maryland, don’t worry because we got a fast delivery service to your location as well. It might not get to your address in 48 hours, but I can assure you it’s going to take less than a week!

In addition to the online store our IT department has set up, you will also be able to inspect the most popular wines in our winery. Ranging from soft (or as I like to call them, children’s go-to wine soda’s), low alcohol percentage wines to strong ones – if you love wines, there is no doubt you will find something in our winery that will suit your taste buds perfectly.

What kinds of wines will we have for sale?

Below you can find a rough list of what wines will be on sale via this website from the moment we get all legal issues sorted out:


Most common wine type. Tastes extrmeely light and its aroma generaly resembles that of an apple.


This white wine is popular due to its buttery tone, strong citrus flavor, and a velvety feel that all together make it go excellent with all sorts of fishes.


One of the most popular wine types out there. Characterized by a round texture and softness, making it excellent for beginners. If you’re new to wines, Merlot should be the one to start off with!

Pinot Noir

Delicate but fresh. Pinot Noir is finely poised with a low level of polyphenols and a fruity aroma that makes it pair amazingly with lamb, chicken and even grilled salmon.