Can USA defent against NK nukes?

Another hot topic over the last couple of days is surely the USA’s readiness for the potential nuclear crisis. The sole thought of WWIII starting brings shivers down everyone’s’ spines, but it’s important to educate people.

north korea nuclear paradeWhat I am basically trying to explain here is that most people aren’t aware of all potential dangers that could happen in case Kim Jong Un actually deploys one of their nuclear missiles on the USA. Luckily, the results would not be that catastrophic. Why? Well here are a couple of reasons.

  1. North Korea’s nuclear power is nowhere near that of the USA. Even though NK has had several nuclear explosion tests underground, the readings are encouraging (for us, not for them). You see, North Korean nuclear explosions are weaker than those that USA dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki near the end of WWII. With that in mind, it’s safe to say that they’ll barely be able to target the South Korea, yet alone the USA.
  2. Even if North Korea targets South Korea or the USA, there are high chances that their missiles won’t ever get out of their own borders. With such obsolete technology, there are slight chances they end up bombing one of their own cities.
  3. USA has developed high-tech anti-nuclear systems that detect and destroy anything coming their way. This is something North Korea has no clue about so, needless to say, it is a big plus for us.
  4. If NK happens to fire one of their missiles, the rest of the world (Russia, NATO and USA forces) will have a massive strike on their capital Pyongyang, crushing it to the ground.

North Korean nuclear warheadSo, with all that being said, if you are living in California or anywhere else in the USA, there is no need to panic. Even if one of these crazy scenarios does indeed happen, I’m sure the USA will have their people’s lives as the top priority!

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President Trump – Why He Sucks

Even though I don’t consider myself a liberal or a democrat (basically I don’t push myself into any political basket at the moment – they’re all equally bad), I cannot help but notice their point of view are much better than those of republicans. It’s a fact! And the whole farce circling around our newly elected president, Mr. Trump, could not have come at a worse time… If you did not notice, we’re on the brink of a WWIII.

With USA launching dozen of missiles and bombs in the middle east, tensions are getting higher and higher. Chinese troops are already mobilizing a huge portion of their infantry as well as armored vehicles. All this could result in the final spark that could start off the WWIII.

Even though Trump did not directly influence any of this, he’s still the head of our country and could use a bit more professional approach to the situation. The “Why He Sucks” phrase in the title represents these two statements that he made in recent times:

  • 2 weeks ago he claimed the NATO as a military force is obsolete and cannot do anything on the world scene. Last week, he stated that NATO is not obsolete anymore and that they’re basically a force to be reckoned with.
  • Trump made sure his viewpoint on North Korea being taken care of by China is clear… Only to completely disregard that after spending 10 minutes in a conversation with the Chinese president Xi Jinping.

And these two scenarios are just the tip of the iceberg regarding Trump’s foreign policies. While democrats will be happy with his recent actions, his supporters are outright furious. He claimed he’ll call back all of our troops in Syria and stop intervening. He even made a tweet about it.

It’s absurd, I know… To summarize, here’s a short 3-minute clip from John Oliver’s show where he beautifully explains all of Trump’s 180 turns in recent months.

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My Thoughts on WWIII

nuclear disaster wwiiiWWIII, one of the biggest topics that have been all over the news in recent weeks. So, what do you guys think? Is it really going to happen? Is the world stumbling into another apocalyptic bloodshed, but this time with much more on the line than just lives of millions of people – if there’s WWIII, you can be sure there are going to be more than a few nukes involved… and we all know that a few nukes could endanger the entire Earth as a planet. It’s a serious probability so we (all together as one single race) should think twice before starting another open warfare on the entire planet.

So, how likely the WWIII scenario really is? Well, with Russia feeling threatened by USA’s missiles on Afghanistan and Syria, China mobilizing their military all over the country (mostly on the North Korean borders though), and Kim Jong Un making propaganda videos about nuking the USA and openly threatening to use all of their military power (read – 50 year old nuclear technology), WWIII is closer than ever. Still, there are many aspects that need to happen at the right moment for these powerhouses to enter open warfare all across the globe.

WWIII potential triggersWhat I am basically trying to say here is that another World War is not that easy to arrange. Even if North Korea goes out of their way and the allied forces need to stop their malicious intentions, chances are high that the conflict won’t progress anywhere further than NK borders. On the other hand, if the USA and president Trump don’t lower their aggression in the Middle East against Russian allies, who knows what Vladimir Putin could do. He is as unpredictable as Kim Jong Un. So, with incompetent and arrogant idiots like Trump, Putin and Kim Jong Un leading the talks, something big could be cooking underneath the world stage…

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